Books by George Alex Popescu

List of books written by me (George Alex Popescu):

Book by George Alex Popescu: $1 Million Business from Scratch (book cover)

How to build a $1 Million Business: from scratch

This book is a recipe showing how to build a business with $1million in revenue. This book is to be read as a recipe, with firsthand examples and solutions to the problems usually encountered in the first year of starting a business.

About the author: George is an engineer and scientist by training. He has a Master’s Degree from MIT. He wrote this book because he believes entrepreneurship can solve many of the world’s problems. Many can learn from the American way of building businesses. Except on 1 business, he always earned much more money than he put in. There are other ways of building businesses of course. This book is not meant to be exhaustive. It is meant to be practical, objective and functional: to give you real methods and solutions in detail with examples. The effort of producing this book will be worth it if at least one person will find it useful. Thank you.

Book by George Alex Popescu: Online Lending: The Ultimate Essential Guide to

Online Lending: The Ultimate Essential Guide to

This book is a collection of all the articles, data, and information to help the reader get a complete understanding of the market in an efficient manner. In 2016 to further my knowledge of the online lending space I started Lending Times. As its Editor in Chief, I have interviewed and was able to ask any question I wanted to the top CEOs, executives, investors, and market participants. I approached each interview focusing on numbers and as an entrepreneur, I was trying to understand each businesses’ unique edge, strategy, plans, and challenges. Lending Times won “Best Journalist Coverage” at the Lending Awards on March 2017 in New York.

Book by George Alex Popescu: Papa Surfs

Papa Surfs: A children’s book about what surfing teaches you

Surfing taught me a lot, from learning patience to learning how to commit to a wave. People who surf are healthier for longer. This is a children’s book hoping to inspire the desire to surf into children. Surfing leads to travel as well. Through the adventures of Papa in 12 beautiful locations around the world, this book shows and teaches young children all the good sides of surfing.

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