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Making it work: George Alex Popescu at TEDxBucharest
Making it work: George Alex Popescu at TEDxBucharest

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Lampix has built an Android-based surface computing OS.
What is Lampix and how does it work? What can you do with it ? We believe Lampix will impact humans as much as computers or smart phones have.
George is a strong believer in entrepreneurship and believes everybody can successfully start a company and make a living of it. George strongly believes that this is very positive for one’s personal development, the local community and the economy in general.


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George Alex Popescu is the founder of companies like Boston Technologies, Down the Road brewery, and most recently, Lending Times. George has a natural inclination to dive deep into how things work, and focuses on bridging the inefficiencies to create value on all sides of the table. We talk about how he started Boston Technologies while in Grad school at MIT, how he works in cycles, what he values in his relationships, and how he builds companies.



This webinar will provide an analysis of what an Initial Coin Offering is useful for, who uses them, how to do your own, and how to get involved in others. It will provide an overview of how to tokenize an asset, why blockchain is used to do this, and how companies have done it so far.

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