Image mining on the blockchain, a new horizon

Blockchain is great at decentralizing control and data. It creates communities, as people must contribute to the ecosystem in some form to give the data value. This value can derive from maintaining the ledger, providing a resource, or contributing data. New industries are being tested with this technology, but it is the computer vision and machine learning industry that needs to embrace blockchain.

For instance, when creating augmented reality applications, a massive amount of data is needed to make it accurate and efficient. However, this takes a lot of time and can slow the project down.

Lampix augmenting a paper drawing and sharing it for collaboration

Lampix is Introducing Blockchain Image Mining to the Computer Vision and Machine Learning World

Lampix plans on using the power of blockchain to create one of the largest image database with the help of machine learning. Developers will be able to tap into this database for their own product, such as Google Glass, Holo Lens, or our Lampix product, and create applications. This is exciting, as for any application, a lot of data is necessary to make it accurate and work properly. The database will consist of over a billion datasets contributed by image miners, who are compensated with PIX tokens for submitting datasets.


Image miners can use any camera enabled device that meets the sufficient resolution, such as our Lampix, to submit datasets. We believe there will be a lot of interest in this type of mining, as electricity is usually the hurdle for an acceptable return on investment, but that won’t be an issue. The datasets submitted by miners will consist of an image and description. To make sure the image and description match, there will also be voters who will upvote or downvote datasets and will be compensated with PIX tokens if their vote aligns with the consensus.

Lampix Device

The Lampix is a hardware and software solution that transforms any flat surface into a smart, augmented reality surface, freeing human-computer interaction from digital screens. With an open source API, integrating both computer vision and artificial intelligence, developers can create applications and content that can interact with real world objects, movement, and hands. See the Lampix in action here.

Lampix offering a voting interface on a desk for up to 6 people simultaneously

Why do we need tokens?

We are building a crowd-mined on the blockchain {image,description} database of at least one billion sets. We believe this database should be independent of any central control. We believe the right mechanism to encourage mining is to pay miners for their labor. We believe we should also charge users a smaller amount for using the data in the database. We will also provide miners with a mining-rig (a Lampix device). For all these reasons we need a token, we refer to as PIX, to help tying together this economy.

It is essential to crowd-source the mining because we are trying to map the entire world of objects and this requires people from different countries and who have access to different objects to participate.

Does mining require computation like for Bitcoin or Ethereum?

No, in our case we call mining the act of taking pictures of objects and submitting the pictures to the database together with a description of what is in the picture. So it is not really computationally heavy. Instead it is more labor heavy. This is much more similar to mining diamonds than mining bitcoin.

Why are you doing a crowdsale token launch (CTL)?

We need help to finance the beginning of the mining process for a large enough {image,description} dataset for all augmented reality projects including Lampix. Having a Lampix device will be the easiest way to do the mining but we also need help financing it’s manufacturing at scale.

We are also building a community.

We hope people will use Lampix not only to mine but also to enjoy it with applications and to develop Lampix apps as well. This will also increase the Lampix user-base which will therefore encourage developers to build more apps for Lampix and its users.

You can find more information here.

Launch Date:

We plan to have the Crowdsale Token Launch being on August 9, 2017 through August 18, 2017.

Gaming on Lampix , solo or team playing on the same table with multiple hands

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